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dogs-cats-and-rabbitsIn 2007 Americans spent 41 billion dollars that year on their pets. Our pets are our companions giving us unconditional love for many years. It is our responsibility to help them to live long happy, healthy lives. Most people including myself will take all of the necessary steps to insure our pets well being. That includes all of the expenses related to health issues that may arise. I once had a pet rabbit who had major health problems. I was constantly at the vet. It didn’t matter the cost was, I would do anything to get her well again.

I read an upsetting article today about some “group” (I won’t even mention the name or nature of this group) who said that Americans spend too much on their pets and and should put a limit on what we spend. Who are they to make such a statement?  There is no limit as to what I would do to keep both of my cats healthy. If you adopt a pet, you adopt a family member that deserves love and care.  It really bothers me that some people are so “empty.” Whether it be pet medication, pet carriers vet visits etc. the money is always well spent on our pets.

Treat Your Dog to Some Positive Reinforcement

Monday, March 15, 2010
posted by PetsRule

rawhide-bonesPositive reinforcement is the single most popular method for teaching dogs to obey human commands. Harsh punishment and intimidation are more than inhumane – they create a suspicious, fear-based relationship between owner and pet. On the other hand, rewarding a dog with a treat or a scratch on the back provides incentive for him to repeat that behavior in the future.

Bear in mind that most dogs are food-driven, and they will do whatever it takes to chomp on some dog treats. Once you’ve found the type of treat – whether it’s rawhide bones or a chewable bite – that appeals to your dog, use it as the go-to reward. Since dogs don’t have the same ability to associate actions with consequences well after the fact, you should reward good behavior immediately.