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How dangerous are Pit Bulls?

Saturday, February 6, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

pit-bullHere are some facts about pit bulls. Research shows that pit bulls are on the top of the list of biters and their bites are bad and unpredictable however, German Shepherds bite more than pit bulls.  Pit Bulls are one of the most loyal dogs. There are lots of stereotypes regarding the Pit Bull Terriers. Remember this, bad dogs are rare but bad dog owners are plentiful.  Some people don’t really want a pet but rather want a tough dog that will make them money by fighting. This helps to perpetuate the stereotype that these dogs are “only good for fighting” to quote one “dogman.” These dogs are much more than that. Dog fighting is illegal, immoral, cruel and anyone who puts a dog though this has no moral character or honor.

If you want a pit bull puppy, I would suggest taking enough time researching breeders. Meet the breeders and ask questions about the parents and grandparents. Ask why they breed and go to the kennel and see the other dogs.

Make sure that you have a stable home situation and that there are no bans on owning pit bulls in your town, city or state. Make sure that you have the income to support the dog. The average dog costs between  $1,200 and $1,500 per year in food, medical bills, training, dog leashes and pet carriers. Do your homework before choosing to adopt a pit bull. I strongly believe that some more abusive owners of pit bulls give them their bad reputation.