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cute-dog-and-cat-together-2I received some very sad news today. I received a knock at my door this afternoon and it was my next door neighbor. She told me that her cat just died and she handed me a bad of treats for my cats. She began to cry and I felt so bad for her. It is very difficult to lose a pet. They are part of our families and there is a grieving process that we go through just like we do when humans die. Her cat had been diagnosed with lymphoma last October. She did everything she could but such as disease is usually terminal. Her cat passed away at home. We need to give ourselves time to grieve because losing a pet is difficult. I told her that her cat had the best care, a great home and people who loved her. I’m writing this because I’m also feeling very bad about her loss.

Do not always listen to the advice of a vet. My neighbor told me that one vet told her when the pet was first diagnosed to put her down. How thoughtless and cruel. The guy should not be a vet.  Don’t trust your beloved pet to an insensitive creep like this. She took her cat to another vet who gave her pet medication. Her cat lived relatively pain free for four more months then died naturally. She had a little more time to spend with her pet. Get second opinions and if you have a gut feeling that you’re not getting accurate information from your vet, go with your gut and find another one.