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Keeping the Claws

Thursday, November 5, 2009
posted by PetsRule

scratchingcatWhen I got my first cat last year, I wanted to let him be an outdoor cat. Although I realize that pets are supposed to be tame animals, I like the idea of maintaining some semblance of their wild nature. Since he was going to be spending a good deal of time outside, I decided against getting him declawed.

As you can probably imagine, his claws came in handy for climbing trees and thwarting the attacks of predators, but they also wreaked havoc around my house. I encouraged him to use his cat scratching post, but he was reluctant at first. After some coaxing with a spray bottle, he soon developed a habit of using the post instead of couch.

dog-with-cats-on-backUltra sound is one of the most useful tools in veterinary medicine. It provides a three dimensional image of an animals entire abdomen. With this low stress, non invasive procedure a veterinarian gets a clear picture of every organ. Thomas Baker of the UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital and a Veterinarian specializing in Ultra Sound technology says that the signs of an illness available in digital images can help a veterinarian pinpoint the problem early on. He says that the ultra sound enhances the clinical thought of the veterinarian. Using the information provided with ultrasound, your veterinarian can customize treatment to meet your pets specific needs.  Diagnosis can be made early increasing your pets life and reducing the cost of pet medication that may not be treating the specific problem.