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dog-in-halloween-costumeHalloween is almost here and lots of people not only like to get dressed up themselves but they like to dress up their dog as well.  Here’s some costume cautions for you to consider.

Make sure that your dogs outfit is loose and doesn’t restrict any movement in any way. He’ll have to walk, run and be able to take potty breaks comfortably. Makes sure there is enough room in the legs and that the costume fits loosely around the body.

Your dog’s costume should slip on and off very easily. Consider a costume that has velcro or pull away fasteners.

Remember your dog is not used to a costume, so don’t leave him dressed up for too long. He could get frustrated and shred his costume and even bite or scratch.

Dog coats, sweaters and jackets are great for outdoors but make sure that you don’t let your dog wear this clothing indoors for very long.

When you’re picking out a costume for your dog or cat, remember this: if you wouldn’t wear it, don’t think your pet will feel any different. Many dogs and cats do not like costumes and think that they are being punished by being made to wear one. When you put the costume on your pet, do it in a light-hearted way. Never get frustrated. This will make for a bad experience for your pet.

Look at your pets eyes to see if he is OK with the costume. You’ll be able to tell by his expression.

Last of all, make sure he is always kept on his dog leash while outside. Being in a costume could get him upset and cause him to run out into the street.

Happy trick or treating!!