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dog-bootsWinter is right around the corner and in some areas snow is not far behind. Although your dog may love to run and play in the snow, his feet are very sensitive.  Ice balls that form between your dogs pads and toes can cause them great pain. Roads and sidewalks are often covered with salt and deicers.  Harmful chemicals like magnesium chloride will irritate your dogs feet. Dogs will lick their paws which can cause toxicity by ingesting the chemical.  Sand, gravel and cat litter can help traction in ice and snow but unfortunately, you can’t control people from using harmful chemical on their sidewalk. One option that you may consider is getting dog boots for your dog. This will solve the problem. It may take a little longer getting your furry friend out for a walk. Afterall, you have to put your boots on as well as your dogs, but it’s well worth it. You dog can walk in comfort and you don’t have to worry about him ingesting  any dangerous chemicals.