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Pet Odor Removers, which ones are the best?

Monday, October 19, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

pet-sitter-dogsMost pet owners agree that removing pet odors, especially urine is no easy task. Most products mask the odor for awhile but the odor almost always returns. There are natural products on the market that work pretty well. They remove pet odors without enzymes, shampoos, chemicals, solvents, powders or sprays. Some experts say that the use of enzymes that break down the urine, rather than bleaching or covering it is ideal. You also want to protect your upholstery and buy a pet odor remover that does not stain. A pet odor remover that works on a variety of materials is a good choice. Make sure that you read the label. The odor remover usually comes in a liquid or foam. Foam cleaners are good for cleaning carpets.Products that neutralize and break down the odor molecule works best.  Look for the words, easy to apply, guarantee and biodegradable on the label. It’s always better to buy products that are non toxic to pets and children.  Make sure you store the pet odor removers out of the reach or mouths of children and pets.