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Choosing the best cat carrier.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cats-in-bedNow that you’ve adoped your pet cat, you want to get the best cat carrier for him. There are several to consider. A cardboard cat carrier, a hard sided pet carrier crate or a soft sided carrier. When I adopted my cat Millie, the adoption agency gave me a small cardboard crate to put her in. This worked out fine under the circumstances. She was a small cat and probably very frightened so she kept very quite and still on the way home. This would not be the kind of carrier I would recommend for permenant use. Your cat will claw it’s way through it in no time at all. The most important thing to consider is that the cat carrier should be put together well. You  don’t want to risk the chance of the carrier breaking open and dumping your cat onto a busy street. Look for good, secure latches! Choose a cat carrier that is big enough for your cat to move around in. He should be able to stand up and move around comfortably.  Ventilation is very important. Make sure that there are air vents on the side and the top. If you are flying with your cat make sure you check the airlines standards regarding carriers. Soft sided carriers are a little questionable in my opinion. They are not as secure. Your cat can claw through it. One time, I took had to board my cat Mollie. I dropped her off and decided to buy an expensive nylon carrier to take her home. When I picked her up, she was frustrated that I left her so long and when I got her in the cage, she was restless.  Within ten minutes, she managed to rip the nylon crate and proceeded to make her way on my lap. Needless to say, I let her stay there for the rest of the trip home but vowed never to get a soft cat carrier again. It’s up to you but I would recommend a hard sided, secure carrier that has lots of ventalation and secure latches.