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The Best Way to Housetrain a Dog

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
posted by PetsRule


If you look at dogs from an evolutionary point of view, you’ll find that – much like their wild ancestors – these animals are den dwellers by nature. They enjoy the personal security an enclosed space affords them, and it’s much easier to protect a coveted bone or rawhide strip if the dog can see everyone who dares to approach. Crate training might seem a bit cruel at first, but it’s easily the most effective way to housetrain a puppy.

The most important consideration is how to make the crate a warm, inviting home for the dog each night. Try lining the space with a dog crate pad and throwing in a few favorite blankets and toys. Don’t lock the dog in until he becomes accustomed to the crate. Then begin training him to stay in the crate at night; he’ll soon learn the importance of using the bathroom before bedtime.

no-pets-allowedI once bought a condo where pets were allowed. I had a small dog who did bark when someone would enter the outside hallway. There was a man in the next apartment that did everything in his power to get my small dog evicted. After many months of arguments and meeting with the board, the man decided to move. Good for me and my dog! This isn’t always the case.  If you have a pet, don’t even consider moving into a co-op.   The rules are sometimes so strick that it’s it’s a wonder that they allow children!  It’s plain to see why I am not a fan of co-ops.  When a landlord wants to evict a tenant because he has a cat or a dog, it is very important that the tenant finds an attorney knowledgeable in landlord -tenant matters and in legal defenses in pet based eviction proceedings. I know of someone who owned a dog in a rent stablized apartment in New York City. When the dog died, he got another one. The replacement dog got an eviction notice! The man hired a very good attorney and he won. He was able to keep his dog. I know of another incident where pets were allowed. Then the rule changed and tenants living there for many years were asked to get rid of their beloved pets. This seems unbelievable. People can be extremely ruthless and cruel and sometimes do unbelievable things! Always have a knowledgeable attorney. If the rules regarding pets are unfounded and ridiculous most judges will rule in your favor. You could do everything right, follow the rules by walking your dog in the designated areas, cleaning up after your dog, always keeping him on his dog leash then all of a sudden you get an eviction notice.  I would never get rid of my pet. I would rather break my lease and move. We really have to become a more pet friendly society!