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guilty-dogYou’re sitting on the couch watching a football game with your dog. Then all of a sudden the room is overwhelmed with a foul smell. You look around to see if anyone else entered the room.You know that  the “stink bomb” did not come from you. You look over at the guilty eyes of little canine friend. He’s the culprit! One of the primary causes of flatulence is table scraps. Another cause could be the source of carbohydrates in the dogs food. Dr. Catherince Michell, a Veterinary Nutritionist at the University of Pennsylvania says that people have to take a close look at what they are feeding their pets and cut back on the table food that they are giving their dog. In some cases, a complete diet change may be necessary. If this doesn’t work, talk to your veterinarian about liquid drops that you could put on his food to cut down on gas. Unfortunately pet medication will not help in this case.