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fire1Veterinary technician Virginia Rudde of the Minnesota School of Business says that when it comes to protecting a pet during an emergency, it’s critical that you plan ahead. Make sure that your whole family is in on the plan and everyone knows what their part is. This will make the rescue process go much smoother.  Keep a collar and leash, the dog carrier or pet carrier, food and water and your pets medical records on hand in case that you need to evacuate. She also recommends getting your pets micro-chipped or having other permanent ID that won’t be affected if your pet is lost or injured. During a disaster, energency personnel may ask your neighbors if a pet is inside your home. Consider giving them a list of emergency contacts who could answer any questions about your pet in your absence.

two-dogsYou have a dog who is friendly all of the time.  You clip his dog leash on and he suddenly becomes a monster!  There are lots of explanations for this kind of behavior but it could be a sign of frustration. Your dog is used to expressing himself by the freedom that he is given. When on a leash, his movement is limited and he no longer has the freedom that he enjoys so he gets frustrated.  Proper socialization as a puppy is a key to preventing leash aggression.  Don’t worry, even learned behavior can be changed.  Pulling on the leash and speaking to your dog will only re-enforce the unwanted behavior. You have to teach alternative behavior and utilize the help of a professional. A professional will give you the proper training tips on how to improve his behavior.   If the pulling is really bad, you should consider a  harness or a halter. This is much better for you and your dog. Pulling on a leash hurts your dogs neck and can cause serious problems down the road. A halter will give you more control and your dog will not pull as much. A collar chokes the dog and causes him to pull more. A harness will make things much easier for you.   Good luck, this could be a tough one if your dog wasn’t trained as a puppy on how to behave when his leash is on.

outside-cats-2There are times when I write about animal abuse and cruelty to animals.  This time, I have a great story about a girl who is doing a great thing. Her name is Mary Cristiano. She’s 10 years old and lives in Edgewater, New Jersey. Mary is in the 5th grade at Eleanor Van Gelder Elementary School and her hobby and passion is rescuing cats.  Everyday after her school activities are completed,  Mary rescues stray cats in the area. There are many strays in Edgewater and some of them meet their untimely death by getting hit by cars or by being euthanized. Sometimes the neighbors will tell Mary that they would like to have a cat. Mary is familiar with many of the strays in the area and knows which ones could  be rescued.  She  even gives them names on occasion which helps with the rescue effort. Cats learn their names quickly and can identify with voices.  In addition to calling them by name, Mary also get the cats to trust her by giving them some food.  She says that they come running when she shakes her food bag.  She gently lures them into the cat carrier and promptly delivers the “new family member” to the neighbor who asked to adopt it.

Mary will also give many cats that she has rescued to animal shelters and the ASPCA who work to find them a home.   She also collects donations and food which she gives to the ASPCA or animal shelters.

It’s great to hear such as story! Mary says that when she grows up, she would like to become a Veterinarian. Because of her love for animals, the stray cats in Edgewater may have a bright future ahead of them. Thank you Mary for doing such great work!

Tasty Tricks to Medicate Your Pet

Thursday, September 17, 2009
posted by PetsRule

yourpetscount-petmedication1We are only as valuable as our health is good – a statement that’s true for both people and pets. And just like people, pets need certain medicines too to stay healthy. Heart worm pills and flee collars are just the beginning when it comes to keeping your pet safe form infection and disease. And to keep your pet out of the vet’s office, where the bills are usually high and the tails are tucked, you’ll have to make sure your loved one is receiving the proper care – and that means meds.

One of the oldest known tricks to get your animal to take their pet medication is to hide the pill in a glob of peanut butter. Your cat or dog is certain to lick every bit right up as they down what they believe to be a tasty treat. Or if you have the time and the proper tools – the back of a spoon works great – you can also crush the pill into a powder and mix it in with some yummy applesauce. Whichever method you choose, your pet will lead a happy and healthy life!

dog-taking-a-bathI know someone who takes his dog into the shower with him everyday! His dog smells “like a rose” everyday. He doesn’t have a large dog and he has a large walk in shower. This is not practical for most people.  Dogs have essential oils on their coats. The oils are necessary for your pets health and well being. Did you ever wet a dog and notice that they don’t get very wet? That’s because some dogs have thick oils. You have to wet them again and then use shampoo to get them wet.  Some dogs produce oils faster than others. I would recommend bathing your dog once a month. If your dog has dry skin, use an oatmeal based shampoo.  Use a conditioner as it helps prevent dry, itchy, irritable skin. Some dogs have super dry skin. After a bath, they will scratch and appear very uncomfortable. That’s why using a conditioner is important.  Bathing your dog once a month should be sufficient even though you will notice your dogs odor before that.  Time to break out the pet odor remover!

cute-cats_picnik1You may want to consider getting your cat health insurance if you want to give her life saving treatments in the event that she gets very sick.  Dr. Jack Stevens is the presidient of Veterinary Pet Insurance. This is the nations largest pet health insurer.  Dr Stevens says that health insurance for cats and other pets is available and can help with your pets needs.  So what’s the cost to you?  The Veterinary Pet Insurance’s cost for kittens is about $100.00 per year.  For five to eight year old cats, it’s about $150 per year.  It may be a good idea since veterinary care is very expensive. It will give you some peace of mind as well.  So if there is a serious problem with your pet where pet medication will not do the trick, consider pet health insurance.

Mollie my best friend!

Mollie my best friend!

Sometimes when I feel that friends let me down, or I have a bad day, I come home and my two cats are always there. I don’t have to say anything special or put on any kind of act to please them.  It’s crazy, but sometimes I feel like I’d rather have my cats around then humans. They don’t require anything except affection and someone who cares about them.  Cats are very intuitive creatures. They can sense when something is wrong without me even uttering a sound! I know this because my older cat, Mollie will not let me out of her sight. She will come around and “guard” me wherever I go. Last night, after a particularly rough day, I got up during the night around 2:00am to get a drink of water. There was Mollie sitting right by the side of my bed. Later after tossing and turning, I got up again around 3:00am and there was Mollie, sitting in the same place I saw her the last time I got up. I got up again around 4:15am and guess what? Yes you guessed it, there was Mollie sitting in the same place beside my bed waiting for me to get up. Cats just as well as dogs are your best friends. They are there for you unconditionally. This is truly a gift! I guess I’ll get both of my cats a new cat toy today!

dogA dogs prostate can become enlarged just as humans can.  When a dogs prostate becomes enlarged,it becomes pre-exposed to cysts and infections.  How can you tell if your dog has a problem with his prostate?  Check to see if he strains to urinate and also check to see if there’s blood in his urine.  In severe cases, a dog may become ill or even collapse. Prostatic disease is most common in non-neutered dogs.  Mary McClouglin, a small animal surgeon at Ohio State University recommends that all male dogs get checked for prostate problems.  Your vet will determine whether or not the prostate is enlarged, in the right place and the right shape. If abnormalities are detected, pet medication, neutering or surgery may be recommended by your vet to protect your pet. Look for these signs.  If you find anything abnormal, have your dog checked out right away. You won’t be sorry!

cute-kittens1Do you think that your cat is pregnant? Autumn Davidson who is a Veterinary Internist at the University of California says that cats have very few problems giving birth. You can take some basic steps to insure that your cat has a smooth pregnancy and delivery. A check up is a good idea to insure that your cat can carry her litter for the nine week term.  A follow up exam and ultra sound at four weeks will allow your vet to determine the number of kittens. A small litter may mean large kittens which can possibly cause delivery complications. Before the big event, prepare the cat bed and place it in a quiet, out of the way space.  Cats need a private, warm, secure place to have their kittens. After the kittens are born, watch to make sure that the mother and kittens bond.

lazy-dog1You’ve just left on a trip and your dog is in the back of his dog carrier. You stop in a parking lot and open the back hatch where your dog is. He  gets out of his carrier, jumps out of the car and gets hit by another car as he’s running across the street. You call your the nearest animal hospital who dispatches help immediately. Your dog is injuried but is awake and seems to be alert. He is bleeding from his leg. At the animal hosiptal your vet says that your dog will be OK but he needs blood. Where does the new blood come from? Beth Davidow of the Animal Critical Care and Blood Bank in Seattle says that most of it comes from healthy pets whose owners get them involved as community blood donors. She says that many pet owners are committed to making sure that another animal in need has blood if they need it. To become a donor, a dog must be free of diseases, not on any medication and is willing to lie still for treats while it’s blood is drawn. Cats can donate to, but must be anestitized. If you want your vet to extend a helping paw to another animal in need, you can ask your vet to help you find a program in your area.