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dental20toysDogs can get gum disease just as humans can.  The best way that you can prevent it is by brushing your dog’s teeth. Cats and dogs both get plac which causes gum disease. The good news is that the disease tends to develop on the outside of their teeth. Dr Tom Kline is a veternarian who practices pet dentistry near Columbus Ohio. He says to put the brush inside the lips on the outside of the teeth. Make sure that you use a toothpaste made especially for pets. Your dog or cat will enjoy the taste as they come in various flavors such as beef or chicken. Brush gently back and forth. This will be enough to remove the plac and prevent it from coming back. Your dogs tongue may try to snatch some of the meat flavored tooth paste.  Use these preventitive measures and you will elimate having to treat gum disease with pet medication or other means.