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dog-runningWhat can you do if every time you open the door, your dog bolts out and runs away. What stress this can cause fearing that she’ll get hit by a car, injure herself or get lost. Dr. Tom Kline, the past president of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association says that obediance training and spaying will help. He also says that an electronic fence also works very well. Some people think that these fences are cruel but Dr. Kline says that really are not because the dog hears the tone first. They don’t get the electrical zap.  Another way to stop the problem is to make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise.  When the door opens, she is so hyperactive that the first thing she does is run. If you keep her on a regular exercise program, she may not have the urge to bolt on you. Keeping her crated or in her dog carrier is not the answer.