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cat-and-computerUntil recently, most cats were banned from college dorm rooms. My neice got a kitten over the summer and when it was time to leave for college, she put her cat in his cat carrier and hit the road. What a great thing to be able to have a pet on campus! Administrators at college have begun to realize that keeping a cat at college can help students under stress relax.  That’s why some colleges now allow cats into the dorms. There’s one main rule that must be followed. The cat must stay in the students room and not be allowed to roam in “cat free”  zones. This is to protect students that are have pet allergies.   The owners are responsible for any damaged caused by the cat.  It’s worth it. When kids are stressed and a cat helps calm their nerves, things don’t seem so bad anymore.  If your headed to college, always check with your schools administration to see if cats are allowed on campus before going to the animal shelter to adopt one.. Have a great semester!!