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dog6Your dog is starting to have “accidents” in the house.  You deal with this as best as you can and keep stocking up on cleaning and pet odor removal products. Is there a better way?  If your dog is not that old, have your vet check to see if he has an infection. If an illness is not the problem, it could be hormones. Many unfixed males dogs with urinate to mark their territory.  If you have a spayed female, leakage may be a problem while she is napping. Your vet has medication that could stop this.  Whenever you are cleaning up a mess, make sure that you use a pet odor remover so that your pet won’t be attracted back to the spot by it’s smell.  Try to discipline your dog if you catch him in the act by startling him with loud noises.  If your pet does not have an underlying medical condition and you  persist with discipline, the problem will probably resolve itself.