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shearlingfauxblueCan dogs and cats see in color? Despite the myth’s, dogs and cats do see colors, just not as well as humans. Dogs can see the color blue but reds, greens and yellows all appear similiar. Dr Melrose, a veternarian in Auckland, New Zealand says that cats can see a fuller range of colors in the blue, green and yellow spectrum but see very little reds. Both dogs and cats have much better night vision than us because they have more rods in the back of their eyes according to Dr. Melrose. More light hits their retinas making vision better at night.  Cats can see even better than dogs at night because their pupils react much faster. Dr. Melrose also points out that cats like watching high end 100hz LCD screens better that older models. It turns out that these screens have a faster frame per second rate. Cats can process visual information much quicker than us. So when you put take our that new colorful dog coat, your dog is thinking “what awful taste” or “how cool is this!”  They can see some of the colors.