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Protect your pet during a large storm

Saturday, October 27, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

Today, we are awaiting the approach of  Hurricane Sandy.  I’m not the only one that feels “stressed out.” Our pets get stressed and frightened during large storms. The howling wind can cause cats to run and hide, the loud sound of thunder and branches snapping also takes it’s toll on our little friends. How can we help our pets stay calm? There are some things that we could do to help calm them down.  Ask your vet about some products that you can purchase that will calm down your pet. You can purchase a calming liquid made up of flower essences that you can put in your pets water that has a relaxing effect on your pet. Sometimes music can calm your pet down.  An easy-to-use pheromone spray that helps pets relax by creating a sense of well-being for dogs and cat is available to “de-stress” your dog or cat. Being close to you and hearing the sound of your voice will most certainly help a frightened dog or cat calm down.

If you’re in the path of Hurricane Sandy, be aware of your pets, stay close to them and comfort them if necessary.

Remember, your pets count!

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