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Cat Scratching Posts

Friday, June 12, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-accessories3It is natural for cats to sharpen their claws but I’m sure that you don’t want your cat to do his sharpening on your good chair or sofa. Did you know that cats have scent glands in their claws?¬† They use their paws to mark their territory and of course use them for protecting themselves if they are outside. Sharpening their nails is also enjoyable to your pet.

If you are like me and believe that to declaw your cat is extremely painful and something that you would not consider doing, you probably will ask yourself¬† “how can I keep him from scratching the furniture?” Unfortunately you can’t. You can divert his attention by buying him a cat scratching post. I recommend buying several of them and placing them in various locations throughout your home.¬† Your can also consider a scratch box with catnip in it. If your are very resourceful, you can make your own scratching post.

Your cat will now have his own places to scratch and you will save your beautiful furniture from ruin. Remember, your cat will need to be corrected several times until he gets used to using the scratching post.

Cat scratching posts normally cost from about $15 – $120 depending on the size and quality you buy.

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