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I just don’t get it!

Friday, January 28, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

thumbs-downI read a disturbing article today in the Bergen Record. It said that authorities are deciding whether to file charges against a woman who provided shelter to 60 stray cats that died in a house fire. Now lets be clear, this is not one of those people who collected cats and mistreated them. This women  is very well respected for her work with stray animals. She kept them in a clean environment. The animals were in good shape and were not at all mistreated.  She works closely with the National Foundation for Animal Rescue. This women dedicated herself to others and helped arrange low-cost spay and neuter services. The”wonderful” township of Wayne, New Jersey is deciding if she should face charges for violating their so called ordinance which says that Wayne residents cannot keep more than five pets.

This women not only lost the animals but all of her possessions! I ask myself – what is this world coming to??   How cruel can people be??  I guess the township of Wayne, New Jersey needs more money so they attack an innocent good samaritan that’s already suffered a great loss. Give this poor lady a break!

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