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Make sure your have a sturdy dog crate for travelling.

Thursday, May 27, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-in-crateIt’s the holiday weekend and many people are on the road with their pets. Make sure that you have¬† a sturdy, well ventilated dog crate that is an adequate size for your pet to stand up and turn comfortably. The crate should not have any hazardous protrusions on the inside that could injure your pet. Make sure that the latch on the door is secure. The handle should also be secure so that your dog does not get accidentally¬† dropped and possibly injured. The bottom of the crate should be leak proof and you should place a soft blanket or cloth on the inside for your dog to lie down comfortably.

Print your pets name, your name and home address as well as the address of your destination on the outside of the crate with a permanent marker. Include your 800 number if you have one or if not, print call collect on the outside of the crate. Never put the leash inside the crate as your pet could get tangled in it.  Finally, make sure that your dog is used to the crate before beginning your trip.

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