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Music in the car to calm your dog who’s yelping and crying in his pet carrier!

Monday, May 24, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dogs-listening-to-musicThere are lots of dogs who love to go for a ride, but for some, traveling in the car could be extremely stressful. If your dog cries, shakes, or pants excessively in his pet carrier or in the back seat of your car, there is something other than drugs that you can try. Psychoacoustically designed music which is designed to keep you alert and soothes your pets nerves, can make that dreaded drive much more pleasant.  The canine nervous system is extremely sensitive to sound. Special arrangements of classical music can have a soothing impact on your anxious friend in his crate or back seat. You will be reading more details on this in the coming weeks. We will give you specific information as where ti obtain this type of music as well as music that is specifically designed for your dog or cat. Believe it or not, music that is soothing to your dog may not be soothing to your cat. There are different types of music designed specifically for dogs or cats. Stay tuned, more to come on this topic!

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