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Checking Your Pet Evacuation Checklist

Friday, September 8, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

As the hours get closer for landfall of Hurricane Irma in Florida, stress is building. You have most of today to make the final preparations for yourself and your pet. Dr. Sandra Truli Springer of VMD Truly Holistic Veterinary Services has put together a detailed list and some items you may not have thought of.

Hydrogen peroxide 3%                                                    Pharmacy or medical supply
Turkey baster or needle-less 12 cc syringe                  Supermarket or vet’s
Saline Eye Wash
Artificial tear ointment
Mild grease-cutting detergent (Dawn)
Forceps (tweezers)
Bandages/guaze/Medical tape
Triple antibiotic ointment (Neosporin)

Pet carrier
Collar, leash for dogs
Collapsible Water and Food dishes
3-4 days of canned food (keeps, and can’t get wet and spoil in a flood, etc)

A few weeks of your pet’s medication.

Unlike pharmacy law for people, there is no emergency pharmacy law for pets. If your pet runs out of an essential medicine, especially one which causes withdrawal symptoms if stopped suddenly like high-dose prednisone, phenobarbital, prozac, etc., the pharmacist cannot legally give you a few pills to tide you over. I know this sounds inhumane, but there is a gap in the law which has not been remedied as of this time! Make sure you call your family veterinarian ahead of a storm or other dire prediction. Well ahead, everyone else will call, too!

Thank you Dr. Springer for this valuable information!

Remember, your pets count!

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