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Cats, The Mutual Groomer

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

catlickMany cats enjoy licking their owners hands and faces. Are they giving you kisses or are they “buttering” you up to stay on the good side of their main food source? Cats are mutual groomers. It’s their nature to groom other animals and that includes people. When your cat licks you, he is bonding with you. This is seen in many social animals. This reduces the stress levels in both you and your cat. Your cat may lick you for similar reasons. It’s his way of relaxing, bonding with you showing affection and claiming you for his own. Maybe he enjoys the taste of the salt on your skin or maybe your cat believes that you aren’t as clean as he is. After all we don’t wash ourselves every hour throughout the day like they do.

Show some affection to your cat and buy her a brand new soft cat bed! Remember, your pets count.

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