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Puppy Play Time

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

pupplayingpupballPuppies love to play and you will spend hours at the pet store shopping for dog toys. Make sure that you buy dog toys that are safe for your puppy. Playing with your puppy is a great way to bond.  Playing games that are calm and are controlled by you are the most effective. Games like tug of war can foster aggression so I would stay away from those types of games.  Your pup may get excited or even frustrated with intense physical play so make sure that chidden are not around when you are doing some active physical playing with your pup. As I mentioned earlier, make sure the dog toys you have are safe. The toys should not contain parts that may break off or small pieces that your pup may swallow. A few dog treats should also be offered when your puppy begins to respond to your commands. Puppy play time can also include some training,

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