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How much time does your dog spend in his dog bed sleeping?

Sunday, February 21, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-sleepingWe all know very well that dogs really like to nap. The time spent napping varies from dog to dog. If your dog gets plenty of exercise everyday and spends lots of time in his dog bed napping, then I wouldn’t worry. This is perfectly normal. If your dog does not get enough exercise and naps all the time, it could just be that he’s gotten lazy just as humans do if they don’t get enough exercise. If your dog is an older dog and has arthritis, it could be that he is most comfortable in his bed resting.  All animals need different amounts of sleep. Horses and cows may sleep only three or four hours a day because they require long hours of grazing to supply their bodies with sufficient amounts of food. Bats and opossums, on the other hand sleep about 20 hours a day! If you have a very large breed such as a St. Bernard, Newfoundland or Mastiff, it is not uncommon if they sleep 16 or 17 hours a day.

Just make sure that your dog is healthy, gets lots of exercise and eats right, then just let him sleep as much as he wants.

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