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When can kittens be weaned from their mother? Buy some cat toys, they have lots of energy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

young-kittenKittens feed on their mothers milk for several weeks after they are born. The mothers milk provides the proper nutrients necessary for the kitten to grow strong.  The mothers milk is called colostrum. It is very high in proteins and contains antibodies to help fight off disease.

Normally, kittens can be weaned once they reach four weeks of age. This is a gradual process. Slowly introduce solid foods to your kitten by mixing soft meat with hot water so that it can be easily chewed.  Do not mix the food with cows milk. Cows milk is not the same as cat milk. It should never be given to kittens as it is very hard to digest and can make them sick. The kittens may still feed from their mother from time to time.  When the kittens reach six weeks, that can eat the soft meat without the hot water.  The will be feeding even less from their mother.  Finally, at eight weeks they should be fully transitioned to solid foods with no assistance for the mother.  Now it’s time to buy some cat toys for your kitten as they are a bundle of energy.

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