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What’s Happening to the pets in Haiti? Pet Medication and supplies are needed!

Sunday, January 24, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

haiti-dog-and-catI was reading the news letter today by Dr. Don of the Pet Place and it really got me thinking about all of the pets that must have been lost or need rescuing in Haiti. There are some US and International groups that are banding together to help the animals there but according to Dr. Jon’s article, it may be a few weeks before aid workers are sent there. According to the ASPCA, they have joined the animal relief coalition( ARCH) which has been created to address the needs of the animal victims of the Haiti earthquake. The ASPCA has initially pledged about $25,000 to support ARCH’s relief efforts. The ASPCA indicated that they do plan to join forces with other organizations to help Haiti’s animal victims. The team of animal responders is awaiting access to Haiti so that they could begin animal relief with pet medication, food, bandages and other much needed medical supplies. Our beloved pets need our love and protection in the event of disasters. Lets hope that the rescue effort begins soon and lots of our furry friends could get the help they desperately need.

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