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Cats favorite spots to sleep – why won’t they stay in their cat bed?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-closetToday, I’ve been working at home all day. At about 1:00pm, I noticed that my small cat Millie was missing was no where to be found. I immediately began searching the house in all of her favorite hiding places calling her name as I searched. Where did she go? She can’t get outside because I live in an apartment. After looking all over, I decided to open the hall closet and there she was all rolled up in a ball, not a care in the world, fast asleep. She was in there all morning!  Cats like to crawls in small places like drawers, baskets,boxes and even dark, quiet closets. My cat once jumped in the dryer! Now this could be a problem. It’s hard to imagine why cats like to be enclosed. They do feel snug and protected in small, quiet places. They feel protected when they are warm and cozy. They also have a natural instinct to be alerted to dangers that can be lurking somewhere. So when you cat is not in his cat bed and you are looking all over the place for him, make sure that you check the closets and of course the clothes dryer!

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