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Cats Need to Knead

Thursday, September 25, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT KNEADINGI’m sitting down reading the newspaper and relaxing. My cat Molly jumps up and begins to push her paws up and down on my legs. I might add that her claws are included in this process. Why is she doing this?  This  ritual of felines rhythmically pumping their paws up and down begins at birth. Newborn kittens push their paws around their mothers nipples to hasten the flow of milk. This makes sense doesn’t it? Then why do grown cats do it?  Even after kittens are weaned, they remember the happy feeling of a full belly that came with kneading and nursing.  Kneading on humans gives them a feeling of comfort. It is a way for cats to show that they are happy to have you in their lives. To avoid the pain of having her stick her claws in you while in the process of kneading, make sure that you keep her nails clipped. Lots of pain will be avoided and both you and your cat will feel cozy and comfortable.

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