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December 2017
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Kitty’s First Meal

Monday, December 4, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Young  kittens nurse from their mother from six to eight weeks but three weeks is a good time to get them started on solid food. Don’t worry, they have plenty of appetite for both kinds of food. That’s because young kittens need one and a half as much protein and three times as many calories per pound of body weight as an adult cat. This is easy to provide if you choose a commercially prepared kitten food, a so called “growth diet.” Make sure that you follow label instructions on how much to feed and how often. Feed a high quality food for kittens. The time will come when growth formula is too rich for your adult cat so consult with your veterinarian about the right time to switch your cats diet.  Now that you kitten is eating solid foods, soon it will be time to train him to use a litter box.  You could use a self cleaning litter box but if you’re like me, you may be better off with a simple old fashioned one.

Remember, your pets count!

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PETA is a horrible animal shelter that kills over 80% of it’s animals. Some are killed within 24 hours! Shocking?? Yes. They need to be prosecuted and shut down! It’s very disturbing to think that this kind of animal cruelty is occurring right under our noses! PETA can be classified as a euthanasia clinic! Here’s a disturbing report from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: This is the actual acticle.

Proof PETA kills

peta_inspectionThe Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) requires all animal shelters to report the number of cats and dogs they take in each year. The records indicate how many cats and dogs were reclaimed by their owners, adopted out, transferred to other Virginia releasing agencies (i.e. animal shelters and animal control), transferred to out-of-state releasing agencies, died of natural causes, euthanized (killed), and how many the shelter held alive at the end of the calendar year. We added the dogs and cats euthanized and divided by the total number of dogs and cats taken in excluding those held only for sterilization surgery to determine the percentage of dogs and cats PETA killed in a given year. In 2009, Virginia modified its policy and eliminated animals held for sterilization from the records.

We obtained the reports by filing public records requests under Virginia’s sunshine laws with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The information for years 2004-2010 is also available on the VDACS website for public inspection (animals classified as “other” from 2004-2009 include those reported by PETA as held for sterilization).

Dogs and Cats killed by PETA

Year Received Transferred Adopted Killed
2016 1,963 478 57 2.9% 1,411 71.9%
2015 1,974 446 60 3.04% 1,456 73.76%
2014 2,631 252 39 1.48% 2,324 88.3%
2013 2,175 311 46 2.1% 1,792 82.4%
2012 1,843 130 19 1.03% 1,647 89.4%
2011 1,992 34 24 1.21% 1,911 95.9%
2010 2,345 63 44 1.86% 2,200 93.8%
2009 2,366 31 8 0.34% 2,301 97.3%
2008 2,216 34 7 0.32% 2,124 95.8%
2007 1,997 35 17 0.85% 1,815 90.9%
2006 3,061 46 12 0.39% 2,981 97.4%
2005 2,165 69 146 6.74% 1,946 89.9%
2004 2,655 1 361 13.6% 2,278 85.8%
2003 2,224 1 312 14.03% 1,911 85.9%
2002 2,680 2 382 14.25% 2,298 85.7%
2001 2,685 14 703 26.18% 1,944 72.4%
2000 2,681 28 624 23.27% 2,029 75.7%
1999 1,805 91 386 21.39% 1,328 73.6%
1998* 943 125 133 14.10% 685 72.6%
Total 42,401 2,191 3,380 8.21% 36,381 85.8%

In 2014, PETA was contracted to help remove stray dogs in Eastern Virginia. But local resident Wilber Zarate alleges in a $9.7 million lawsuit filed in Norfolk that PETA officials paid children to lure his family dog off of his porch. When the kids failed to entice Maya, a Chihuahua, PETA officials trespassed onto Mr. Zarate’s porch and nabbed the pooch.

When Mr. Zarate’s niece contacted PETA about Maya’s disappearance the next day, PETA denied even being in the area that day. When she told the representative at PETA that she had security footage of the dog napping the representative abruptly hung up. Two days later, the PETA employees who had abducted Maya returned with a fruit basket and the news that Maya was dead.

Further violating the law, PETA euthanized Maya within hours of abduction instead of waiting the legally required five days. The Commonwealth of Virginia fined PETA for this infraction.

Mr. Zarate’s daughter, who he bought Maya for as a Christmas present years before, began mourning immediately. “[Cynthia] cried for weeks, became lethargic, lost sleep, refrained from eating and lost weight,” according to the lawsuit.

Thanks to for providing this valuable information.

You can sign up to join the fight against this horrendous, cruel organization right here scroll down to the bottom:   CLICK AND SIGN UP

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Computers to Help Dogs Help Humans

Saturday, December 2, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

The days of Lassie are over. When Lassie needed to rescue someone, she had to bark and use her paws to get the attention of a human telling them that something was wrong or someone was in trouble. Now with the age of advanced technology, that may no longer be necessary.

The scientists at the Open University are working with several dogs charities to train the animals and build “smart kennels” that will have computers installed inside.

If an animal needs to raise the alarm that someone is in trouble like the elderly or people with special needs, they will be able to summon emergency personnel  at the push of a button.

Dr Clara Mancini, head of the animal-computer interaction team at Open University, said the project was aimed at helping the disabled in their homes by making it easier for dogs to perform tasks for their owners such as turning on lights, switching on washing machines and answering the phone.

This new technology can also provide pet owners with a new way of communicating with their pets. Dr. Mancini hopes that in the near future they can invent a computer system that allows animals to understand they can engage in conversation with a human on the other side of an internet link.

Dr Mancini and her colleagues have been working with Dogs for Disabled to begin designing new computer systems and training dogs to use them.

Unlike humans, who have learned to use keyboards and mice to control computers, the scientists are trying to find solutions that are easier for animals to understand.

This includes using large bright buttons and touch screen technology. Objects that can be picked up and pulled, or shaken are also being explored.

Humans are already starting to use gestures to control computers, with many mobile phones including the iPhone coming with motion sensitive technology that allows them to repeat songs, wipe text or undo actions with a shake of the device.

Dr Mancini’s team are also working on computer based toys and games for animals to help them learn how to use the devices.

Some of you may be shaking your heads but don’t be surprised if someday you’re in line at an Apple store waiting to pay for a computer for your dog!

Special thanks to The Telegraph for providing much of this valuable information.

Remember, your pets count!

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FDA Warns That Bone Treats Could Kill Your Pet

Thursday, November 30, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

The following is an article release by the FDA regarding how dangerous bones could be for your pet. All dogs like bones but it’s not worth the risk. There are other safer treats that your dog will enjoy just as much.

This is an article that originally appeared on Huff Post.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a grim warning for dog lovers thinking of getting a special treat for their pups.

This week, an FDA statement on the dangers of “bone treats” — meaning bones for dogs that have been commercially processed by means like smoking or baking — has gone viral.

However, while most media outlets have been reporting on the anti-bone treat decree like it’s brand new, the FDA has had the warning up since at least 2010, based on archives from the Wayback Machine. The statement has been periodically updated over the years to factor in the number of reports of canine illnesses and deaths the FDA has received.

On Nov. 21, the statement was updated to reflect that the agency has received about 68 reports of dogs dying or falling ill in connection with bone treats. Some reports involved more than one dog, for a total of 90 dogs reported being adversely affected by the bones. An estimated 15 of those dogs have died.

An FDA spokeswoman told HuffPost that the warning reflects reports the FDA has received from Nov. 1, 2010, to Sept. 12, 2017.

The Food and Drug Administration continues to warn dog owners that "bone treats" can be dangerous.
The Food and Drug Administration continues to warn dog owners that “bone treats” can be dangerous.

The FDA warning does not specify any particular brand of dog treats, though it does note that the list of potentially dangerous treats includes those described as “Ham Bones,” “Pork Femur Bones,” “Rib Bones” or “Smokey Knuckle Bones.”

Illnesses reported included serious symptoms like diarrhea, choking, digestive obstruction and “bleeding from the rectum.”

“Giving your dog a bone treat might lead to an unexpected trip to your veterinarian, a possible emergency surgery, or even death for your pet,” FDA veterinarian Carmela Stamper said in the statement.

The types of bones that dogs can chew on safely is somewhat controversial. Experts typically agree that poultry bones, as well as any cooked bones, are unsafe for dogs because of their tendency to splinter. Though the American Kennel Club advises that it’s safe for a dog to chew on raw cow or bison bones too big to swallow, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals maintains that the risk of even raw bones splintering and harming the digestive tract is too great.

Thank you to HuffPost for providing this very valuable information!

Remember, your pets count!

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Pets Can Help Sick Children Recover Faster!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

To help comfort children who need to go to the hospital, veterinarian  Randall Lang wrote a book called “I’ll Be OK.”  This book describes a trip to the animal hospital from the perspective of Randall’s dog, Josh. In the book, Josh gets scared then realized that he has this wonderful family who loves him and great doctors and nurses who are there to take care of him.  He realizes that with all of the veterinary technicians and staff, the he will be OK because of the great support he will be receiving. Dr. Lang is the one that is behind “Josh and friends” which distributes the book  to children in the hospital.  This makes the child’s stay in the hospital a little more pleasant and takes away some of anxiety associated with going to the hospital. If you have a real dog, keep the dog bed next to your child when he gets home to comfort him and help him recover faster.

Remember, your pets count!

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Cyber Shopping For Pets

Monday, November 27, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Today is cyber Monday and there are millions of us that will be looking for those great deals online. When it comes to our pets, it’s easier to buy pet food, toys etc. in the convenience of your own home. In this fast paced world, it’s still important to pay attention to details. If you’re shopping online for your pet make sure you click on “details” and read all of the information carefully. If you’re buying food, check the ingredients and labels. Sometimes, you think you’re buying the same product that you buy in the stores but when it arrives at your home, you see that the product is different and has to be returned. If you’re buying pet toys, check closely that they are safe for your pet. Be very careful, if you are purchasing medication online, it is imperative that you check to name and dosage. Make sure you’re getting the medication that you ordered.

Slow down a bit in this fast society, pay attention to details and enjoy your cyber Monday. I hope to get some great deals!

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Anti Freeze is Deadly to Pets!

Sunday, November 26, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

As the weather gets colder, many people will be adding  Anti freeze to their cars to prevent freezing. Anti freeze, the fluid that makes your car run better in both summer and winter is very dangerous to your pet. Ethylene Glycol is the anti freeze that is commonly used in car radiators and this is extremely toxic to pets. As little as one tablespoon can kill a cat and a couple of ounces can kill a dog.  Animals will  ingest it because it smells and tastes so sweet.  If you have pets, it is vital that you clean up any leaking anti freeze.  If you’re worried that you pet may have ingested some, don’t waste any time. Call your veterinarian or the National Animal Poison Control hot line right away!  Your veterinarian may suggest that you administer hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. Don’t administer any pet medication on your own. This situation is out of your control just get your pet to a vet as soon as you can!!

Remember, your pets count!

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That Chewing Puppy!

Saturday, November 25, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Puppies seem to want to put everything in their mouths.  If this is not taken care of early, this chewing could destroy a lot of your belongings.  Your shoes, belts and bags could fall victim to your puppy’s very active little jaws.  The problem doesn’t end there. Your puppy could end up swallowing something he shouldn’t and endangering his own health.  To avoid inappropriate chewing, direct your puppy’s attention to something that he can play with.  Give him plenty of dog chew toys both in and out of his crate. Make sure to keep your own belongings off of the floor. The tendency to chew could also be motivated by stress or boredom. Make sure that your puppy is getting plenty of exercise.  If chewing is still a problem, talk to your veterinarian.

Remember, your pets count!

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Thankful For Our Precious Pets

Thursday, November 23, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Today, as I prepare for Thanksgiving day, I think of all the things I have to be thankful for. I’m thankful for family and wonderful neighbors and friends as well as thankful for our life here in southern Delaware. We love Rehoboth Beach and are very thankful that we decided to make the move! I’m also thankful for my pets Molly and Millie! They have provided us with unconditional love for a very long time and they are our precious little spirits who bring joy to our lives .

I’m particularly thankful that I can spend another Thanksgiving with Molly. She’s had a rough year dealing with Kidney and Thyroid disease. I’ve been doing my best to treat her and keep her as comfortable as possible. I strongly believe that love is a key reason why my little girl is still here! I treasure every moment I have with her!

There’s a lot to be thankful for and our pets make great reasons to be thankful this holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Our Pets Can Partake in Thanksgiving Day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

As you gather around the table with family and friends this Thanksgiving, lets not forget about our furry friends. It’s a special time for them too. After all, they were adopted and have a warm, loving home with lots of food and treats so why not make their holiday special as well? Of course, stay away from treats that can harm your dog like chocolate and other food that may harm his stomach. Here are five great treats for your dog during the holidays.

Cooked vegetables like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and peas are terrific options for cats and dogs.
Bones and chews – don’t give your dog turkey bones as they may break and cause your dog to choke or injury to his intestines. Instead look for some tasty turkey flavored chews.
Fresh turkey – remove the skin and bones and don’t give him turkey that has been sitting for more than two hours.
Biscuits and other treats. You’ll find these at your local pet supermarket.
Toys. You can pick out a toy that your dog will “drool” over. This is a good option in place of food.
Have a great Thanksgiving with you family, friends and pets!

Remember, your pets count!

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