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Socializing Your Pup

Monday, June 10, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Socializing your puppy is kind of like teaching a child to swim. You start by sticking his toes in the water not throwing him in.  Gradual preparation is also necessary for puppies as they learn to navigate new experiences. Karen Sweata,a veterniary behaviorist at the VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hosptial says that puppies go through a socialization period that is actually a window of opportunity where puppies are open and easily influenced about all of the experiences that they will encounter later in life. When your puppy is between four and fourteen weeks of age, start to familiarize him with the objects, people and places that he will encounter later in life. Take him out and let him be around people and other animals. This prep phase will help him avoid developing fear and anxiety as an adult.

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