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A Brief History of Kitty Litter

Saturday, March 9, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

There are lots of types of kitty litter,crystal, clumping, scented or unscented. There are so many choices that are available today, that it takes a little while to choose.  In the old days, cats used wooden boxes filled with sand, sawdust or ashes.  This was the case until 1947 when a man whose family sold industrial absorbents gave a batch of clay pellets to a woman in Michigan. The women was tired of her cat tracking her sooty paw prints around and wanted a cleaner alternative. She and her cat loved the clay pellets and kept coming back for more.  The man, Ed Low kept bagging the stuff and kept on selling it.  In 1964, Mr. Low founded the Tidy Cats brand. That’s the history of kitty litter. Now who invented litter liners and all of the other cat accessories? A story for another time.

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