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What Your Cat is Telling You

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

When your cat meows, do you know what he is trying to tell you? Probably not, but the way a cat meows can indicate how he is feeling and what he would like from you. Here’s a short list of different kinds of “meow requests.”

  • Short meow: Standard greeting.
  • Multiple meows: Excited greetings.
  • Mid-pitch meow: Plea for something like food or water.
  • Drawn-out mrrroooow: A demand for something.
  • Low pitch MRRRooooowww: A complaint or displeasure
  • Lower than mid pitch MEEOOOOOOwww: Begging, for something such as food.
  • High-pitch RRRROWW!: Anger, pain or being fearful.
  • Chatter (rapid teeth-chattering): Excitement, frustration.
  • Chirrup (a cross between a meow and a purr with rising inflection): Friendly greeting sound, often used by a mother cat to call to her kittens.
  • Purr: Invites close contact or attention.
  • Hiss: A serious sign of aggression.

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