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Dogs Help Comfort Children in the Hospital

Monday, August 6, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

To help comfort children who need to go to the hospital, veterinarian  Randall Lang wrote a book called “I’ll Be OK.”  This book describes a trip to the animal hospital from the perspective of Randall’s dog, Josh. In the book, Josh gets scared then realized that he has this wonderful family who loves him and great doctors and nurses who are there to take care of him.  He realizes that with all of the veterinary technicians and staff, the he will be OK because of the great support he will be receiving. Dr. Lang is the one that is behind “Josh and friends” which distributes the book and a dog toy named Josh” to children in the hospital.  This makes the child’s stay in the hospital a little more pleasant and takes away some of anxiety associated with going to the hospital. If you have a real dog, keep the dog bed next to your child when he gets home to comfort him and help him recover faster.

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