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Helping a Dog with Social Anxiety

Monday, July 23, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Over the weekend, I saw country music star Brett Eldridge at the Delaware State Fair. There were thousands of fans in the audience. At one point during the show, he brought his dog onstage and demonstrated how smart he is by letting him perform a few tricks. The dog loved the attention and did not even move when the crowd went wild clapping and cheering. I thought that was great of Brett bringing his best friend with him while on tour.

Lots of dogs have social anxiety, especially ones that came from puppy mills. The Spruce Pets have put together some reasons why social anxiety occurs.

The Cause of Social Anxiety in Dogs

Social anxiety is common in dogs rescued from puppy mills. It may also occur in stray dogs (those found on the street living on their own) or dogs rescued from abuse/neglect situations. Most of these dogs have had little or no human contact at all. Some have only had negative experiences with humans. When you take this type of animal and put him in a social setting, he may feel trapped and cornered. This often results in fear aggression. When a cornered dog experiences the biological fight-or-flight response, the only available action is to fight.

How to Help Dogs With Social Anxiety

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