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Your Parrot Can Outlive You

Saturday, April 21, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Parrots are extremely intelligent animals. They require lots of attention and can easily imitate words and sounds. Parrots also demand lots of attention. If they don’t get the attention they require, they rebel by developing bad habits and will even pluck out their feathers.

Another fact about parrots is that they can live very long. The lifespan of a parrot varies from one species to the next. Small parrots usually live 15-20 years, medium-sized parrots 25-30 years and large parrots 60-100 years. Macaws are especially long-lived and one blue-and-yellow macaw named Charlie is believed to be more than 100 years old. Another macaw named Poncho, who has starred in several Hollywood movies, is claimed to be 89 years old.

So keep this in mind when deciding to adopt a parrot as a pet. Include the care of your parrot when making your will.

Remember, your pets count!

Thanks to Ipfactly for providing some of this information.

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