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Doggie Disc Trials

Sunday, April 15, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

I’m sure that you’ve seen them at the park, a dog owner throwing a disc that sails through the air as his dog  runs to catch it. It’s an exciting game that encourages a dog to chase and bring down prey. Similar games are played at organized  events  called competitive disc dog trials. Two basic types of activities are featured at dog trials. One type involves distance and accuracy, with games that focus on how far the dog ran, how the catch was made and whether or not the dog was airborne. The other type is called freestyle. Dogs perform amazing routines with several discs at once. Competitors are scored on creativity, highly honed, awe inspiring skills and theatrical flare. Does this sound like something that you would like to get your dog involved with? Make sure you practice with lots of fetch dog toys including frisbees and other types of discs.

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