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How To Take Care of A Very Young Kitten

Thursday, August 17, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

babykittenbottleTaking care of a baby kitten is no easy task. It will need to be bottle fed every two to three hours day and night for several weeks. You can find kitten milk replacement in special bottles at your local pet store. Hold the kitten gently and burp him after each feeding. Keep your kitten warm, clean and dry. Experts recommend placing a heating pad under one corner of the nesting box so the kitten can stay warm and can move away if it gets too warm. After each feeding ,gently stimulate the kitten’s bottom to encourage elimination. Kittens cannot do this on their own until they are about four weeks old. You can do this with a sterile cotton ball dipped in warm water. Hold off on any cat treats until your kitten is about eight weeks old.

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