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The Largest of the Terriers

Monday, July 17, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

airedaleThe Airedale Terrier is the largest of the terriers and is square in appearance. Their heads are long and flat. It’s eyes are small and dark in color. They have a dense, hard wiry outercoat and a soft undercoat. Their front legs are perfectly straight.

The Airedale Terrier is usually OK with children as long as they are socialized early on. They may be a little too rough for very small children. They are a courageous and protective dog. They are fairly friendly with strangers as well as intelligent and loyal. They are always happy to please you. They are avid hunters and it would be very difficult for you to train him to stay away from a squirrel or chipmunk. Watch out if you’re grilling a steak. If you turn your head, it may be gone!

They need lots of physical and mental exercise or they may have a tendency to become rowdy. So buy lots of fetch dog toys to keep him occupied.

The Airedale Terrier may have dominance challenges toward family members he sees as submissive. This can lead to disobedience. The need a calm but firm and consistent handler.

They are not recommended for apartment life as they are very active indoors are really need and average size yard to run around in.

This is a very hardy breed but can suffer from eye problems. Their life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

Their face should be washed daily especially to remove food, spurs etc from their beard. If you keep their coat stripped, they won’t shed too much and may be very good for allergy sufferers.

Remember, your pets count!

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My Cats are The Boss!

Saturday, July 15, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

catbossMy two cats Molly and Millie have my partner and I wrapped around their paws. We both spoil them to death. They usually get their own way whatever that may be. As you know, my cat Molly is 18 years old, has kidney disease and has hyperthyroidism. I feed her a special diet consisting of high quality protein wet food.  To reduce her vomiting, I feed her small portions at a time to limit the amount of acid in her stomach. Molly has two food dishes in separate rooms. She prefers her food wet. I put a small amount of food in each bowl. Molly will go from one bowl to the other and sit there. I’m constantly getting up and down to put more food in each bowl. If I don’t respond, she will eventually eat the left over food in each bowl. She knows that if she sits there and I see her, I will get up and give her more fresh wet food. My partner Jim says “she’s at the diner again!”

Millie likes to sleep on the couch, the place where my partner usually plops his butt when home. Millie is not pleased. She stands by the couch and meows telling Jim “you’re in my spot, get up!” Usually Jim does not comply and she goes away only to come back a few minutes later meowing even louder!

If Millie sits in the hallway and meows, that means she’s want someone, to go back to the bedroom and pet her. We have only one choice, we need to pet her in the bedroom. If we don’t get up and go to the bedroom and pet her, she will literally sit in the hall and meow and sometimes howl if she gets mad enough!

Every day, when I get out of the shower, I see Molly’s black tail at the door. As I open the door, there she is sitting there patiently waiting to be brushed. Of course I always will brush her but have to work this into my morning routine especially if I’m scheduled to work that day!

Our two feline friends have us hopping — I think I’ll skip the gym!

Remember, your pets count!

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Pampering Your Dog

Friday, July 14, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dogpamperIn general, dogs don’t like being groomed but remember that it’s an important part of your dog’s health. Regular brushing and combing helps prevent matting, removes dead hair and removes dirt. It’s also a good way for your to bond with your dog. Start grooming him at an early age so that it becomes part of his regular routine.

  • Brush your dog regularly.
  • Bathe your dog about once a month under normal circumstances.
    In warm weather take your dog outside to dry naturally. You could use a blow dryer for long haired breeds on a colder day. Be sure that you don’t put the dryer on high heat and keep it at a safe distance from your dog while drying.
    When bathing your dog, wash him from the front to the back and don’t put any soap on his face.
    While brushing, always feel for lumps or bumps. If you feel any, schedule a trip to your vet as soon as possible.
  • Clean your dog’s ears with a cotton ball and try not to get any water in them.
  • When clipping your dog’s nails, use a clipper designed for dogs and I would recommend that you just clip the tips.
  • In the summer months brush your dog with a flea brush and use it everyday.
  • After all of this grooming, make sure you have plenty of dog treats on hand!

Remember, your pets count!

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Cool Kitty Litter Boxes

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

clever-kitty-boxI have two cats and I’m constantly scooping, sweeping and trying to tidy up their litter boxes. Litter usually gets over the floor. The other day, I had a service man in to perform maintenance on my air conditioning unit. He had to move the kitty litter box in the laundry room. There in the box was a giant uncovered poop! I was a little embarrassed since I didn’t have to opportunity to scoop it up before he arrived.

There are solutions. Litter boxes come can be made as a decorative pieces that will not only hide the mess but add to the decor of a room. They come at a price and if you’re willing to pay a bit, you could solve your litter box mess problem. Check on sites like Pinterest or google “cool litter boxes.”clever-kittybox2

Remember, your pet count!

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The Dog Days of Summer

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dogdayssumerWe are in the hottest part of the Summer here on Delmarva. This week’s forecast is mid to upper 90’s most of the week.  I know that I can’t take extreme heat so I make sure I take the appropriate steps to stay safe and cool! We must do the same for our pets. We’ve spoken about this before but we must always remind ourselves that our pets are even more susceptible to effects of extreme heat than humans. Here are some tips to keep your little friends safe during this extreme heat.

  1. Never leave your pets in a parked car NEVER,NEVER,NEVER!! If a car is 85 degrees and you crank the windows open a little, that car will reach 105 degree in less than 10 minutes!
  2. Humidity also affects pets. “It’s important to remember that it’s not just the ambient temperature but also the humidity that can affect your pet,” says Dr. Barry Kellogg, VMD, of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. “Animals pant to evaporate moisture from their lungs, which takes heat away from their body. If the humidity is too high, they are unable to cool themselves, and their temperature will skyrocket to dangerous levels—very quickly.”
  3. Limit exercise during hot days. On a very hot day, limit exercise to early morning and evening for a very short period of time,
  4. Fans don’t cool off pets as they do people. Pets sweat through their feet so a fan is ineffective in cooling a pet off.
  5. Cool your pet off in the shade and always provide fresh water with ice in it.
  6. Watch out for hot pavement or sand. Dogs paw pads are tough but they are still sensitive to the heat or cold. Try to keep your dog on the grass or dirt.

Much of this is common sense but we must be aware that our pets can suffer heat stroke just as humans can. Treat them well and they will love you forever!

Remember, your pets count!

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Dogs and Salmon Poisoning

Monday, July 10, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

mandogfish-jjpgYou love to fish and so does your dog. He goes with you on every trip. You’re just getting back to the dock with a good catch of salmon and trout. To reward your dog for being such a good companion, you throw him a fish. Did you know that you may be killing him with your kindness? Salmon poisoning disease found primarily in the northern pacific area of the U.S., and the pacific coast of Canada is often fatal for dogs. The disease is caused when the dog eats raw salmon or trout contaminated with a parasite that contains the infecting organism. Symptoms usually appear five to seven days later. Look for lack of appetite, fever, vomiting and diarrhea if you suspect that your dog may be infected. Salmon poisoning disease is curable if caught early and the dog is treated with fluids, antibiotics and anti vomiting medication. So instead of throwing him a raw fish, buy him a dog toy instead!

Remember, your pets count!

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Hiring a Dog Walker

Saturday, July 8, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

hringdogwalkerSpending time with your dog is very important not only to take care of his physical needs but to socialize him with other humans and dogs. Unfortunately, in todays world, we work long hours and our little friend is stuck at home by himself for many hours. Hiring a dog walker is a very viable solution provided that the dog walker meets all of the required credentials. After all it’s almost as important as hiring a nanny for a newborn.

When considering a dog walker, here are some important questions that you should ask and the responses that you should expect.

These helpful questions were published by the SPCA of San Francisco.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, and they can provide proof as such.

Are you certified in Pet First Aid & CPR? If so, when did you last take it?

Yes! Ask when they took the course and with whom. Look for classes that provided practical hands-on experience on dog models.

What is your experience/what training do you have?

Look for someone whose passion in life is dogs and their care! Someone who has perhaps volunteered extensively at their local shelter or attended classes at reputable institutions (be weary of online courses).

What’s the maximum number of dogs you walk at one time?

No more than 6-8. (Make sure their answer is in accordance with local law)

How do you transport animals?

Each animal rides in his/her own individual crate.

What locations do you frequent with your walking groups?

Make sure these are dog-friendly areas that allow on/off leash walks. Tip: Write these areas down so that should an emergency arise, you know where your dog might be.

Do you do on-leash or off-leash walks?

Choose the option that is best for your dog. If your dog has anything less than a 90- 100% solid recall they should not be part of the off-leash group.

How do you choose your walking groups?

Groups should be based on compatible size, age and temperament of dogs.

What would you do if a fight breaks out?

The walker has water to pour (not spray with a spray gun) on the dogs to separate, or uses some sort of air horn as a distraction. Careful! Make sure these sorts of tools are ONLY used in instances of fighting and not to correct unwanted behaviors.

What is your protocol in poor weather?

Your animal’s safety and comfort should be the most important consideration.

What is your protocol if an animal under your care should get lost?

Communicate with the owner immediately, contact local animal control, secure the other dogs, and help the owner with any and all efforts toward finding the lost dog.

What would you do if an animal falls ill or gets injured while in your care?

Communicate with you immediately and will either go to your designated vet or to the closest emergency vet. Also, make the sure your contract is clear about who is responsible for vet bills. TIP: make sure your dog walker is authorized on your dog’s veterinary account or else the vet may not be able to treat your dog without your verbal consent, which can be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

What will you do if my dog performs an undesirable behavior?

You want a dog walker that has enough training to observe and interpret why this behavior is occurring, and then take confident steps to redirect the dog to a

desirable behavior. Also, it may be beneficial to clarify specifically with your dog walker

regarding what they might find “undesirable” versus what you consider undesirable.

If my dog chooses to ignore you, how will you get his attention?

A great walker will use fun and novel ways to get your dog’s attention like squeaky toys and funny noises, and will never punish or scold the dog.

Do you allow dogs on prong, choke, or shock collars in your walking group?

Desired answer: NO!
These inhumane collars can cause injuries and lead to long-team behavioral problems. Learn more at

Can we go on a test or shadow walk, where I observe you walking my dog?

Logistically this can be challenging but your future dog walker should be open to a test walk. They shouldn’t have anything to hide.

How would you introduce my dog to his new walk group?

A good off leash dog walker will start your dog out on a long line until he/she has established a relationship with your dog and understands them.

What is required of me if I want to be your client?

You’re looking for a walker who will at minimum require your dog’s vaccine records, full information on veterinary caregivers and emergency contacts, and that will visit you at your home to meet your dog, learn your in-home protocols related to picks and drop-offs, get your door code, etc.

What signs do you look out for that would indicate that the dog prefers not to go on a walk today?

Fear or abnormal behavior, including signs of medical issues.

Who will actually be walking my dog? How many people are part of the organization? Will it be the same person every time?

If you have a dog that is shy of strangers it is best to find someone who will guarantee that only one consistent person will be walking your dog every time. Some dog walking companies will have you meet the trained owner first but then have their less experienced/not certified team members actually walking your dog. Make sure that you meet and vet all individuals that will be in contact with your dog!

Walk me through a typical day of my dog’s experience with you

Dogs should never be in a vehicle on a trip longer than an hour. Find out what time of day they will be taking your pup and what time they will return.


• Have your dog walker demonstrate that how to put on/use your dog’s walking equipment.
• When seeking a dog walker, go hiking in an area where you know a lot of dog walkers take

their clients’ dogs, observe their behavior toward the dogs in their care, and then ask for

business cards.
• Check references.
• Establish a payment schedule (what day and what form) in a contract from the start.
• If you just adopted your dog, wait a few weeks before having a walker take your dog out. Your

walker is relying on you for reliable information on your dog, and it is not fair to him or your dog to put them in potentially dangerous situations.

For more information call 1.415.554.3030 or visit us online at Page 2 of 2

Hiring a Dog Walker (continued)

• Pro tip: Choose a day that your dog walker doesn’t know you will be home and stay home to see when they come/ how they do, how they interact with your pup. Unfortunately there are dog walkers that do not deliver on what they promise.

Remember, your pets count!

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The Big Cover Up!

Friday, July 7, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dogodorWe all love our animals, but let’s face it; sometimes they don’t leave the best impression when we’re trying to impress our friends and family. After all, when you’re throwing a party, there’s nothing worse than having to explain that the couch smells that musty because your miniature schnauzer gets to sleep on the furniture. If you find that your animals are leaving their unmistakable and distinctive smell all over your home, know that you don’t simply have to take it as part of being a pet owner.

You quickly reach for that air freshener and wildly spray the entire house! These products just cover up the odor which quickly returns with a vengeance.  There are multiple options for pet odor removal that can get rid of or cut down on the smell of pets but just be certain about what you’re buying. Some products will only cover the smell of pet odor. By filling the air with a strong floral scent, you’ll essentially mask the embarrassing odor, but it won’t actually be gone. Make sure that whatever product you choose actually works to eliminate these odors.

Remember, your pets count!

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dogheadoutof-carSome dogs and yours could be one of them enjoy nothing more than a ride in the car. Their head’s out the window, their ears are blowing in the wind and their nose is sniffing the million smells that are going by. What could be wrong with this? Veterinarians see lots of eye injuries. You can think of all of the things that splatter on your windshield. This is why eye injuries happen to the joy riding dog. Here’s what you can do to protect your dog’s eyes.

Roll down the window just enough for your dog to stick his nose out. All of those smells that he loves will still be there. The only thing that’s missing is the risk to his vision. Don’t forget to buckle up, if your dog is out of his carrier, get a harness to hold him in place in case of a sudden stop.

Remember, your pets count!

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Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat

Monday, July 3, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

sheltercatIf you’re looking to adopt a cat, you’re probably tempted to adopt a little kitten. Kittens can be fun but can also be a lot of work.  Older cats are much easier to handle and you really should give them a chance if you’re in the market for a new furry feline friend!

While kittens are cute and playful, they don’t develop their personalities until the age of 2 years.When you adopt an older cat, you know the type of cat you’re getting. If he’s a friendly cat, he’s probably be that way for the rest of his life.

You must keep one thing in mind, if the cat lived in a nice home his whole life and is suddenly put in a loud, busy shelter, he may be traumatized and may display a different personality. Always ask the shelter staff which cats would be best suited for your particular situation.

If you want a cat declawed, an older cat may already be declawed and you will not have to put the cat through the surgery yourself.

The most important thing is that you will be saving a life! After a cat has been waiting a while, they may tend to get depressed, and it’s a downhill battle from there for staff to keep them alive. A depressed cat will often stop eating and refuse any specialty foods offered to it. The sooner an adult cat can get out of the shelter and into a home the better.

Adult cats tend to bond more quickly to their owners then kittens.It’s because they felt the fear and uncertainty of a shelter, now they feel safe, secure and comfortable with you. Adult cats are more laid back .They are more content lying comfortably on a bed then running all around the room every time they hear a noise.

So give an older cat a chance today, save a life!

Remember, your pets count!

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