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Foxes and Felines

Thursday, May 25, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

foxcatI live in an area where  it’s not uncommon to see a fox or two roaming through the neighborhood. There are also many cats roaming around at night. I’m always concerned about the foxes attacking and making a dinner out of the feline friends in our community. But, do Foxes eat cats? It’s possible but highly unlikely. A typical foxe’s home territory can be occupied by a 100 cats and most of them are out at night. Foxes and cats cross each others paths many times during the night and they will usually ignore each other. If a fight does break out, the fox is usually the one who comes out in worse shape. So when I turn my corner onto my street at night a see a fox, I no longer worry about the feline friends roaming the neighborhood because they could take care f themselves.

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