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Careful When Feeding Stray Cats

Monday, May 22, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

racoonBeing an animal lover, I want to make sure our outdoor feline friends that roam or neighborhood have enough to eat. There are two cats that hang around our house and occasionally  come on our porch to pay us a visit. I didn’t know if they had a permanent home so I decided to leave them some food at night on the porch. When I checked the bowls in the morning, they were always empty so I figured that the cats were hungry and enjoyed the food that I left.  I did notice that the bowl was moved every time.

One night my younger cat Millie was sitting by the door staring out on the porch. I looked but did not see the cats eating their food instead I saw a raccoon on the porch devouring the food that I left..

Unfortunately, I had to stop leaving food outside because who knows who will show up for dinner next!

Remember, your pets count!

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