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Bread Dough — Very Dangerous to Your Dog

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

breaddoughMany foods are potentially toxic to dogs. One that is extremely dangerous is bread dough. The mixture contains yeast as a leveling agent and therefore can expand many times its original size. This is exactly what happens when your dog swallows bread dough. As the dough swells in your dogs stomach it starts to ferment producing alcohol which is toxic to your dog. Even ingesting small amounts of bread dough can cause your dog pain, bloating and vomiting. It can also leave him feeling disoriented and listless. Pet medication will not help him feel better. If he’s eaten a lot, he may end up in the operating room requiring surgery to remove the mass. Your dog will also need treatment for alcohol poisoning. If you a bread maker, make sure to keep your dog out of the kitchen while you’re baking!

Remember, your pets count!

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Careful When Feeding Stray Cats

Monday, May 22, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

racoonBeing an animal lover, I want to make sure our outdoor feline friends that roam or neighborhood have enough to eat. There are two cats that hang around our house and occasionally  come on our porch to pay us a visit. I didn’t know if they had a permanent home so I decided to leave them some food at night on the porch. When I checked the bowls in the morning, they were always empty so I figured that the cats were hungry and enjoyed the food that I left.  I did notice that the bowl was moved every time.

One night my younger cat Millie was sitting by the door staring out on the porch. I looked but did not see the cats eating their food instead I saw a raccoon on the porch devouring the food that I left..

Unfortunately, I had to stop leaving food outside because who knows who will show up for dinner next!

Remember, your pets count!

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Keeping Your Pup Safe During Playtime

Sunday, May 21, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

puppyplayingPups love to run and play, but it’s important that your pup doesn’t injure himself while having fun. When you play fetch with your dog, try to prevent his body from twisting in the air or landing hard on the ground. You can try rolling a ball instead of throwing a toy in the air. This has less impact on his joints. When you’re taking your dog for long walks or runs, consider his fitness level. Build up his endurance over time. Take it slow at first and wall or run short distances gradually increasing the speed and distance as your dog gets used to this activity. Consider where you take your dog. Avoid gravel or asphalt. Always take along plenty of water and look for signs of fatigue.

Remember, your pets count!

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Golden Retriever + Poodle = Golden Doodle

Saturday, May 20, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

golden-doodleI know when you hear the name “Golden doodle,” you’re probably thinking that this is an odd looking dog. Don’t laugh at the sound of the name, it’s a hybrid breed, part Golden Retriever and part Poodle and it’s is a beautiful family friendly dog. In the mid 90’s, the dog was intentionally developed in an attempt to create a light shedding dog that would be good for families with mild allergies. The idea was to create a dog for people who love the personality and look of Golden Retrievers but can’t stand their shedding. Because they’re a hybrid breed, Golden doodles can inherit the fur qualities of the long haired Golden Retriever or the Poodle but most often, their fur has qualities from both breeds. This breed is great around children. So when you get your Golden doodle home, pamper him a bit with lots of treats, toys and maybe even a padded fleece dog bed!

Remember, your pets count!

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Dog Safety in Summertime

Thursday, May 18, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dogsummerSummer is not too far away and we are already basking in ninety degree heat. Dogs don’t do well in hot weather. Sometimes we’re tempted to leave our dogs at home in a cool air conditioned house but lots of times, this is not practical.

Here are a few things to remember. Dogs build up heat as a function of volume and lose it as a function of surface area. (What’s he trying to say??) This means that larger dogs with rounder bodies have less surface area for their size and build up heat faster. Dogs lose heat through their nasal passages and their tongue. They don’t sweat. Dogs with flat faces are less able to lose heat. The bigger the dog and the flatter their face is, means that they are more prone to over heating. Overweight and older dogs are even at greater risk.

Fur coats does block the suns rays but it also prevents heat from escaping. Don’t shave your dog in an effort to keep him cooler. He will then be more vulnerable to sunburn which will cause more problems.

Don’t exercise your dog when it’s warm and never keep him in a parked car. We spoke about this many times. He could die in a matter of minutes. As the warmer weather approaches, keep these things in mind and have a great summer with your dog. Give him a few dog treats for me!

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Madness and Mayhem in the Classroom

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

pigjpgIn addition to running an online radio station (Edgewater Gold Radio – The Best Oldies), writing this blog, I’m also a substitute teacher. Yesterday began as a normal day.  I got up ate breakfast and headed out the door to substitute at the area high school for an Agricultural Science Class. I’ve subbed for this class before so I’m aware that there are several breeds of animals in the classroom which is one of the reasons why I accepted this assignment. As I settled in and sipped my coffee something ran under the desk. I looked down and saw a little pig nibbling at my feet. At first I thought he escaped from his cage but a student came to me proclaiming that the pig was hers and said that he stays in this classroom while she attends her other classes. I was fine with it but was concerned that the other students may tantalize him. She assured me that the pig would be fine. So “Mr Pig” was an all day member of class. Not sure what possessed her to bring the pig to school but we’re living in another world today and maybe even on another planet!

Before the bell rang and the stampede of “animals of another kind” barged through the door. I made the rounds and checked out the variety of rabbits, ferrets, geckos, chinchillas and snakes that make their home in class. I then heard what sounded like baby chicks. I noticed a rabbits cage and 7 baby ducks huddled in the damp, cold corner. These ducks did not have any heat lamp to warm them and were given a bowl of rabbit pellets to eat. At first I thought ” how could this be?” This is an Agricultural Science Class and this is definitely not the way to care for baby ducks. Rabbit pellets?!! come on! I asked another student who came in early and was told that one of the kids took the ducks from the mother and brought them into the classroom. THERE GOES MY DAY! I was really upset that anyone would take baby ducks from their mother and that none of the “professionals” made an effort to care for them properly. We are living in a weird world! Suddenly one of the ducks turned over on its back, then another. Apparently they were thirsty and cold. I took them and tried to warm them by holding them next to me. (believe me I have layers on me that would warm a cow!) Sadly, neither duck made it and took their last breath. I was distraught at this point and class didn’t even begin yet. I asked a student to bury the two ducks.

As the first stampede of students arrived, I told one student who was actually interested in this class and obviously worked on a farm about the ducks and the fact that two just died. I asked him to take the ducks outside and put the cage in the warm sunlight. He agreed and I assigned two other students to help him.

The rest of the students arrived and the mayhem began. It really puzzles me that so many students today just take classes to fill time and it was clear that’s what the majority of these kids did. Nevertheless, I had a job to do so I gave them their assignment for the day. I knew that within ten minutes, I would hear “I’m done” because they just wouldn’t take the time to do the research to get the assignment done properly. It may take up too much of their “text and video time!” Let me clarify, there were several students that did a great job and made a real effort to complete the assignment but most did not.

In the meantime “Mr. Pig” was squealing and waddling around the class as the kids tried to get his attention. Suddenly the door then flew open and in walked a security guard with two students who were caught outside on the roof of the equipment building across the street. They were jumping from building to building. Apparently, when the students were outside putting the ducks in the sun, they slipped out unauthorized.  My “red” button clicked and I was no longer the kind, understanding sub that I usually am.  One student lost the lens to her glasses while performing acrobatics on top of the equipment building. She had the nerve to ask me to go outside again to find it. I told her that she has to “stumble” though the day with lens less glasses —too bad. When my “red” button lights, that’s it and it was glowing like Rudolph’s nose! I wrote the two students up, sent them to the office and made an effort to continue with my day.

I had three more classes to go, three more stampedes and more shouting “put down the squealing pig!”

The day finally came to an end but as I picked up the last assignment sheet that was thrown on the floor, I tried to figure out how we got to this point and what happened to the education system. It’s something that I can’t fix so I have to move on to my next assignment. Fortunately, the student who took interest in the baby ducks and worked on a farm took them home  to care for them properly because Lord knows they would have all died in that class!

So I’ll take the rabbits, the ferrets, the chinchillas, the gecko’s and the snakes……….you can have the kids!!

Remember, your pets count!

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How Many Treats Should You Feed Your Cat?

Sunday, May 14, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

cattreatMy younger cat Millie loves her treats. She waits for them every night and I always come through with her favorites. I tend to go too far and give her a little too many. She gets treats in her bowl and I also put them in a little mouse that she has to smack around to get them out. It gives her some exercise. WebMD has published the following information regarding cat treats.

What Makes a Cat Treat Healthy?

Moderation is key, experts tell WebMD.

It’s fine to feed your cat treats, but they “should be a very small part of the diet,” says Marla J. McGeorge, DVM, an Oregon vet who treats felines only.

How small? Many experts recommend cat treats make up no more than 10% of the total calories a cat eats.

You can give your cat treats everyday but make sure  that you give them in moderation.

Remember, your pets count!

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Dog Fit For A Queen

Saturday, May 13, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dorgisThis breed is not a pure bred and was introduced by Queen Elizabeth. It happened when one of her corgis mated with Princess Margaret’s Dachshund. The queen is not a pure bred snob but she does know that mixed breeds are generally healthier than pure breds. About half of the Queen’s dogs are Dorgis, a mix between the Dachshund and the Corgis. The Dorgis did not come about by accident. The queen went out of her way to breed these dogs. Dachshunds have back problems which could not be controlled by pet medication and commonly end up in wheel chairs. Many are put down because of back problems. If you could have a dog that looked and acted mostly like a Dachshund (and may even be better behaved) and could be assured that you would not have to go through the heartbreak of having to put it down because of back trouble, wouldn’t you prefer a Dorgis? The Queen showed us that we have a choice. If mixed breed dogs are good enough for the Queen, are they good enough for you? I know that I would rather have a healthier dog even if it means having a mixed breed.

Remember, your pets count!

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Some Problems With Papillions

Friday, May 12, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

cuteapapillionA neighbor of mine recently passed away suddenly leaving behind the cutest little Papillion. My partner and I were tempted to rescue him but because of my cat’s age and health problems, we decided that it wasn’t the best decision. The next door neighbor of the man who passed agreed to adopt little “Venus” but he had some behavior issues and did not get along with the other dog in the household. So now little Venus needs a home. It makes me sad when a dog looses it’s owner and suddenly becomes an orphan. has put together this description of the Papillion.

The Papillon is sometimes called the butterfly dog, because the ears look like butterfly wings. It is a friendly, intelligent dog that is tougher than it looks, and loves outdoor exercise. It is a playful, lively, amusing, animated and charming little dog. Affectionate, gentle, patient, and proud, it loves to cuddle and enjoys a good romp outdoors. They are steady, obedient and are not yappers. Papillons can be trained to perform small tricks. Good with cats when they are socialized with them. They can also be difficult to housebreak, but are, in general, easy to train otherwise.

Although they can be good city dogs, they are sometimes not good apartment dogs, because the dog has a strong instinct to protect their property, and many will bark excessively at nearby noises, not making the distinction between casual noises and those worthy of real alarm.

Papillons need a daily walk. Play will take care of a lot of their exercise needs, however, as with all breeds, play will not fulfill their primal instinct to walk. Dogs that do not get to go on daily walks are more likely to display behavior problems. They will also enjoy a good romp in a safe open area off-lead, such as a large, fenced-in yard.

We are hoping that little Venus will be rescued and enjoy a loving new home.

Remember, your pets count!

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catlitterboxIf you want to turn an outdoor cat into an indoor cat the first thing that you’ll have to do is teach him to use the litter box. This actually can be easier than you think. Cats are naturally inclined to go in sand or fine particles. The first thing that you should do is confine your cat to a room with no absorbent surfaces other than his litter box. Give him lots of attention and get some cat toys so that you could play with him as much as you can. When he starts to use the litter box regularly, give him more and more time outside of the room but make sure that you watch him closely. Eventually, you will want to put another litter box in the place where you really want the box to stay. The location is key. Make sure that the box is in a quiet, easy to access place away from the cat’s food and water. Make sure that you wait for your cat to use the new litter box before you remove the first one.

Remember, your pets count!

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