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Cats Are Control Freaks

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

mollyradioAs many of you know, I run several online radio stations. I usually broadcast in an automated mode where everything is pre-recorded. I recently added a “live” capability to my station. This means that I can broadcast live anytime from my home studio. I will be scheduling more live broadcasts but I do have one small problem… cat Molly. You see, she always wants my full and undivided attention. The other day, while broadcasting live, my cat Molly, would “Meow” every time I opened the mic. She either wanted me join me on my show or wanted me off the computer where I could pay more attention to her. My guess is the latter. ┬áSo don’t be surprised if while listening to Edgewater Gold Radio, you hear a “meow” every now and then!cat-radio

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