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No Pull Leash

Saturday, October 8, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogpullWhen you’re teaching your dog not to pull on his leash, you should use a four or six foot leash.Extendable leashes or longer leashes are great for exercising a dog but they don’t work well when teaching your dog not to pull. So what leashes are the best for this kind of training?

Use a regular buckle or a snap collar.
A limited slip collar or a greyhound collar
Head halter or head collar
No pull harness
A head halter or a no pull harness can decrease pulling enough for you without any additional training. These are effective enough to make the walk for you and your dog more pleasant. You may choose to use a head halter or a pull harness without training but keep in mind that your dog will probably start pulling again if you don’t use them. Dogs learn very specifically. If they are trained not to pull when wearing these devices, they won’t pull when they are not wearing them.
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