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Doggies Nose Color Changes

Monday, September 19, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dognoseIf notice any changes in your dog’s nose color, there’s probably no need for alarm. A nose that’s normally dark can change color for several reasons. It may look pink or brown. Sometimes, the season is the reason for the change. The change can occur in the colder months. This is due to pigment loss because of the temperature. Sunburn can also cause a problem. Applying sunscreen can help. Some noses are sensitive to plastic food and water bowls. This can cause contact dermatitis. Normal color may return if you change the food and water bowls to steel or ceramic. If your dog seems healthy, in every other way, nose color changes are probably not a problem. If there are other symptoms such as a loss of appetite or listlessness, see your veterinarian.

Remember, your pets count!

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Maltese Plus Pomeranian Equals Malte Pom

Monday, September 19, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

matepopWhen you cross a Maltese with a Pomeranian, you get a Malte Pom. Sometimes these dogs are called Pomenese , these great little dogs grow to five up to nine pounds and are clever, amusing and affectionate. They need regular and rigorous exercise ¬†and lots of dog toys to minimize barking and boredom. The white coat of the Maltese mixes with the Pomeranian’s apricot, cream, black or brown to create varying shades and patches of color. The long, silky fur on the Malte Pom doesn’t shed but needs regular grooming and brushing or a short cut. Malte Poms live between 12 and 15 years and some say that they are healthier than the breeds that they descended from. Malte Poms are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club but as with all designer dogs, not by the American Kennel Club.

Remember, lots of exercise, dog toys,treats and love. Your pets count!

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