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Rubber ducks that were found in dogs stomach

Rubber ducks that were found in dogs stomach

Ernie and Sesame Street would be very upset when he found out what one pup did to some poor rubber duckies.

A dog owner called her vet saying her dog swallowed a rubber duck. For several months, this dog owner noticed her son’s rubber ducks going missing. So she kept buying him new ones.

One day, while she was giving her son a bath, the dog came in and ate a rubber duck.  The mother then took the dog to the vet who found that he had eaten five rubber ducks, part of a toy truck and some other toys! They were all surgically removed and the dog made a full recovery.

If you notice that your dog suddenly stops eating his dog food, take him to your vet. You never know what he may find. Do an inventory on your dogs toys. If he tends to eat strange things make sure all of his dog toys are large enough so they don’t wind up in his stomach.

Remember, your pets count!

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Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Monday, September 12, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

doggrassYou may be surprised when you notice your dog eating grass. This is really not that unusual. Many dogs like to nibble on greens from time to time yet veterinarians aren’t really sure why. Some say this it is a normal part of a dog’s diet because in the wild, canines eat all of their prey including the plants in their intestines. Another theory is that it could be a sign of fiber deficiency. Some people have found that changing the dogs food, helps stop the behavior because dogs tend to vomit after eating grass.Another theory is that the when a dog feels ill they will eat grass and vomit. They eat grass to clean out their stomach. We may never know why dogs eat grass. Unless your dog is vomiting frequently, there’s probably no reason to worry. I knew someone who thought that their dog liked it and put a little grass in the dog dish with it’s regular dog food. Of course, don’t think of doing this as grass is not a normal part of a dogs diet! Feed your dog high quality dog food and if you notice him eating grass and vomiting often, have him checked by a vet to rule out an obstruction and other conditions.

Remember, your pets count!

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