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Can A German Shepherd Turn On It’s Owner?

Monday, September 5, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

german shepherdIf you adopt a puppy, train and socialize him properly, he will develop a special bond with you. After awhile, he follow commands and understand the tone of your voice. Treat him with love, give him plenty of attention, toss around his favorite dog toys and reward him with treats when he does something right and he should never turn on you. If you hit him or mistreat him, then there is a possibility that you will make him mad enough to turn and possibly bite you or even worse.

Everyone has a breaking point including our best friends. If you hear that a dog turned on it’s owner, I guarantee you that you haven’t heard the whole story. I’m sure there is some abuse in his past. German Shepherds are no different than other dogs. They are sweet, loving pets. Take care of them well, feed them high quality dog food, brush and groom him regular, socialize him and give him plenty of exercise and you’ll establish a loving bond that will stay with you for a long time!

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cats and hamstersFirst of all, cats consider hamsters and other small rodents as prey. So if you’re considering getting a hamster of gerbil for your child and you also have a pet cat, take a step back and think. You’ll frequently see an outdoor cat carrying a dead mouse in his mouth and setting it outside the door as a “present” for you. My opinion, don’t do it! Even if your cat doesn’t want the hamster for supper, his curiosity will tempt him to place his paws in the cage and probably knock it over injuring or even killing your new pet.  So when you’re in the pet store, buy some high quality cat food, cat treats or cat toys. Stay away from those cute little hamsters or gerbils!

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