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Adopting A Rescue Dog

Friday, July 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

adoptIf you’re thinking of adopting a dog, consider a rescue dog. There are many dog rescue organizations across the country. Some focus on rescuing certain breeds such as Greyhounds that are usually put down after their racing career is over. Rescue organizations also focus on other breeds that have been abandoned. You would be doing a good thing by considering a rescue dog. The first thing that you need to do is go to a rescue website. If you are looking for a specific breed, there will be a link for rescued dogs. Petfinder is also a good choice for all breeds. Select the breed, size, age and enter your zip code. A list of dogs will come up in your surrounding area. You can also check out Petfinder if you are not looking for a specific breed. Pick out a dog and learn more about. You will be asked to fill out an application with details about you, your home, your family and your knowledge of dogs. You must also give the name of a veterinarian who could vouch for you. You will then be contacted and asked more questions. The rescue organization just wants to make sure that the dog is going to a good home and is not left alone the majority of the time.

Be prepared for the foster parents to bring the dog to your home for a first visit. If the dog is at a kennel, you will be asked to go to the kennel. They will see how the dog interacts with you and how you interact with the dog. Make sure you have the supplies necessary like a dog crate, dog bed etc.

If all goes well, your cost will be about $150 to cover shots, spaying/neutering and any other veterinarian costs. Some of the money will be allocated to rescue another dog. Most rescue organizations are non profit and the foster parents are all volunteers.

Give your new best friend lots of love,dog treats, dog toys exercise and pampering. Feed your dog a quality dog food.

Remember, your pets count!

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catdogshoeMany puppies and kittens fail to complete learning tasks in the early stages of training. This according to Suzanne Britts, Phd. CAAB, is because they either stopped trying or showed signs of distress such as yelping or engaging in abnormal behaviors. Your puppy or kitten begins life wanting and needing to learn. Don’t suppress the behaviors that you don’t like but rather re-program yourself to reinforce and encourage the ones you do like. Dogs and cats that hear “no” much more than they hear “yes” become afraid to try new behaviors. So if your dog refuses to go upstairs or your cat avoids the new cat scratching post that you just bought her, it may be because her willingness to try it was suppressed by so many “no’s” when she was young. When your dog or cat does something that you like, reinforce this behavior with a “yes good boy or girl.” When they really do something that you like, you can always give them a cat treat or dog treat and get them a new dog or cat toy!

Remember, your pets count!

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