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The Old Girl Is Up To Her Old Tricks

Saturday, February 27, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

This is not Molly but what she does to get me up in the morning!

My cat Molly¬†usually gets what she wants. When she wants to eat, she eats, when she wants to get brushed, she gets brushed, when she wants me to get out of bed, I usually get out of bed. She is back to using this tactic. I have a Bose Wave radio on my nightstand. On this unit, the buttons are on top. Molly¬†knows which buttons turn the radio on and which raise the volume. Mollie begins by tapping me on the cheek to wake me up, when I don’t respond, she sits on top of my head, if I still don’t respond, she quietly edges over to the nightstand and uses her butt or paw to turn the radio on and raise the volume to that of a symphony! Well, she won this morning. The sound jolted me out of bed as I frantically grasped for the off button. She got her cat food and fresh water in her water bowl when she wanted it! Molly rules!

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