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Scanning a Dog For A Microchip

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGSCANIf you find a stray dog that is friendly and you decide to help (good decision!) , the first thing that you should do is to have it scanned for  a microchip. You can do this at a veterinarians office or at an animal shelter. They should all have universal scanners which can detect chips for all manufacturers.Also, the vet tech or shelter employee that does the scan should scan every part of the dog’s body, from the tips of the ears to the tip of the tail. Microchips can migrate within the body of a dog over time and can end up in unexpected places. Many times, when you do get a chip number, you call the microchip company and learn that the owners never registered the chip, or they didn’t update their information when they moved. If that’s the case, they can still tell you where the chip was implanted. Then you can call that shelter or vet and possibly learn who the owner is.

You will feel great after doing this knowing that you rescued this poor dog!

Remember, your pets count!

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